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Brunswick Fire Department
1201 Gloucester Street
Brunswick, GA 31520

Glynn County

912-267-5579 - fax

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Position: Firefighter
Last Filing Date:  April 22, 2021

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open until filled


Job Summary
Under general supervision, performs basic firefighting and emergency-related duties in saving lives and property of the citizens and businesses of the community. Performs prevention, educational, and maintenance activities associated with a full-service ISO 1 Fire Department. Operates and maintains all fire apparatus and equipment during assigned tour of duty. Assists in assuring a safe and effective environment for all co- workers. Work is assigned in accordance with department objectives and goals, by daily routine, and by special project. Work is reviewed by observation, conference, and results obtained. Performs other related duties as assigned, in support of customer needs and organizational objectives.
Essential Job Duties
1. Maintains a state of readiness in order to respond timely to calls for assistance.
2. Performs general firefighting and emergency-related duties. Suppresses fires; works to protect property, to minimize the loss of property or damage to property. Assists in containing hazardous materials spills safely and efficiently. Rescues victims in emergency situations and provides emergency first responder care and treatment as
indicated on emergency scene.
3. Operates fire-fighting equipment safely and effectively. Lays and connects hose, hose
nozzles, and directs appropriate water streams; sets, raises and climbs ladders; uses
portable chemical extinguish; utilizes fire-related equipment as required.
4. Ventilates burning buildings through the opening of windows utilizing positive pressure ventilator or other acceptable means of ventilation to allow the escape of

poisonous gases and heat such that fire-related activities can be accomplished
5. Performs salvage operations by grouping together room or building contents, placing
salvage covers, sweeping water, and removing debris.
6. Recognizes and preserves all possible evidence of a suspicious fire or arson.
7. Maintains constant communications with company officer in emergency as well as non-emergency situations in order to receive and disseminate instructions and information accurately.
8. Assists in ensuring that assigned hand tools and equipment on the apparatus is in a high condition of readiness.
9. Participates in company inspections as assigned.
10. Reports and documents mechanical failures or difficulties of all apparatus and
equipment to the immediate supervisor.
11. May be assigned to assist or make minor apparatus repairs.
12. Acts as an ambassador for the City of Brunswick promoting fire prevention and safety
in the community. Engages in a variety of public relations activities such as conducting tours of the station, and providing various presentations for school, civic, and industrial groups. Participates as a proactive force in the local school systems as it relates to the City` s agreement to be a Partner in Education.
13. Participates in formal classroom training, workshops, drills and exercises to learn and practices fire suppression and prevention techniques, rescue and emergency techniques. Practices using all fire department equipment in order to achieve a high state of proficiency in operation. Participates in departmental physical fitness activities daily.
14. Participates in pre-fire planning and other programs to inspect and become familiar with buildings, homes, and location of fire hydrants.
15. Learns about the role of the Engineer in order to serve as acting Engineer when necessary and to enhance the Firefighter` s basic knowledge. May serve as acting Engineer.
16. Performs housekeeping duties at all fire stations to include fire apparatus and equipment, and in keeping all quarters clean.
17. Participates in educational activities to foster and promote an attitude of prevention.
18. Responds to emergency calls as needed 24/7/365.
19. Serves as a positive role model for co-workers and helps create a positive work
environment which encourages individual and team growth and development.
20. Maintains current know ledge of departmental Standard Operating Guidelines and
performs emergency and non-emergency related tasks in accordance with those
21. Performs other duties as assigned in support of organizational goals and objectives
and in support of customer needs.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics
1. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to give and

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6. 7.
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14. 15.
accept instruction and direction.
Ability to establish and maintain effective business relationships with customers, co- workers, and the general public.
Ability to work as a team member.
Ability to work safely, efficiently, and in the best interests of the public and the department, while contributing to a positive work environment which encourages individual and team growth.
Ability to quickly learn and maintain current knowledge of geography of the emergency response area with specific emphasis on location of principle buildings,
complexes, population centers, hydrant locations, street numbering systems, and access roads to determine the fastest, safest, and most efficient routes with the most effective placement of equipment and operations.
Knowledge of or ability to quickly learn and maintain knowledge of modem methods of fire prevention, suppression, and other emergency related activities.
Knowledge of or ability to quickly learn and maintain current knowledge of rescue and emergency medical services and ability to apply first responder/EMT level skills, procedures, and techniques.
Basic knowledge of or ability to quickly acquire and apply knowledge of mathematics, mechanics, and hydraulics as they apply to operation of emergency response activities of a firefighter.
Ability to observe surrounding conditions, perceive relationships between bits of information, to anticipate the potential impact of developing conditions, and to take or recommend appropriate action to prevent emergency situations from escalating. Ability to anticipate problems and proactively resolve them.
Ability to learn about and to maintain current knowledge of, willingness to work within, and to actively support the policies, procedures, and guidelines for the City of Brunswick and the Brunswick Fire Department.
Ability to learn about and to maintain current knowledge of, willingness to work within applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.
Ability to understand, and follow oral and written instructions, and to react calmly and quickly under pressure of emergency conditions.
Ability to make effective decisions in a timely manner based on less than complete information.
Ability to react calmly and quickly under extreme emergency conditions.
Ability to work safely, efficiently, and in the best interests of the public and the department, while contributing to a positive work environment which encourages individual and team growth. This includes physical ability to perform the full range of duties in an environment typical of a firefighter including wearing fire gear weighing up to 35 lbs. dry (wet gear weighs more), carrying and handling fire hose weighing up to 100 lbs., squirt high-pressure nozzles, lift appliances from fire engine to include ladders, generators, positive pressure ventilators, and other bulky equipment with a maximum weight of 80 lbs., to work with arms overhead to haul equipment off engine or repack hose. Ability to work in full gear, bend, squat, climb,

kneel, run, reach, push, pull and to work in environment typical of a firefighter.
16. Ability to use tact and sound judgement in making and communicating working
17. Ability to apply problem solving skills, considering all reasonable alternatives, and to
make decisions that reflect sound judgement and achieve problem resolution.
18. Willingness and ability to develop mechanical and first-line leadership skills in order
to effectively serve as acting Engineer when needed.
19. Willingness and ability to learn and maintain knowledge of NFPA 1521 (Standards
for Fire Department Safety Officers).
20. Willingness to perform other duties as assigned in support of organizational goals
and objectives and in support of customer needs.
Minimum Requirements (Education, Experience, Training, Certifications/Licenses)
High school diploma or equivalent, supplemented by safe driving record, a State of Georgia driver` s license and valid State of Georgia Class E or F driver`s license. Ability to obtain: Valid Georgia Class E or F license (or Florida equivalent) in order to serve as Relief Driver. Ability to obtain Basic Firefighter Certification within 12 months of hire. Must pass Brunswick Fire Department`s physical efficiency battery (PEB) of tests. College courses in Fire Science, or firefighting experience preferred. Successful completion of pre-employment drug screening, physical examination, Motor Vehicle Records history, and Criminal Background check.
Physical Efficiency Battery test consists of 3 phases:
Phase I- 1 Mile Run; Sit and Reach; Bench Press; Agility Run; Body Composition-Must
obtain composite score of 350min/ 500 max
Phase II- Ladder Climb; Black Out Drill; Beam Hose Carry; Dead Weight Carry-Must obtain a score of 14pts min/ 20 pts max
Phase III- Includes 7 events as follows:
I-Tire sledgehammer 30 feet from marked position to
another 2-One lap around Station #3 3-Equipment hoist
4- Tire drag 50 feet from marked position to another 5-20 pike pole pulls
6-Ascend the tower to fifth floor of the Training Tower 7-Final lap around the Station
Uniform will be tennis shoes, bunker pants, bunker jacket, fire helmet, SCBA, and leather work gloves. All events are performed as quickly as possible and must be performed within 17 minutes to pass. Time starts at the beginning of event one and stops after the last event.

Event 1 is a tire sledge for 30 feet to test candidate ` s upper body strength and eye hand coordination. Candidates are required to strike a 30 Lb. tire sliding it across the concrete surface from a starting line to a finish line. Firefighters are often called on the break down a door or wall with simple tools to get to trapped victims.
Event 2 is a single lap around Fire Station #3 which is roughly 300 meters. During each lap candidates will move as quickly as possible around the station. This portion will test the candidate` s cardio and mental endurance while moving in bunker gear and SCBA. The candidate will move around the Station and back to the tower.
Event 3 is an equipment hoist. The equipment hoist will test the candidate` s upper body strength. Candidates will make their way to the fourth floor of the training tower. There they will meet a safety firefighter who will supervise the candidate as they hoist a rope attached to a single fifty-foot section of 3-inch supply hose. The candidate will raise the hose to the fourth floor pull it into the window and set it on the floor. Then the candidate will make his/her way to the base of the tower.
Event 4 is a tire drag. The tire-drag measures the candidate`s lower body strength. The candidate will place the drag strap around their shoulder and drag the 100 lb. tire across the concrete from starting line 50 feet to a finish line. The whole tire must cross the finish line. In an emergency situation firefighter may be called upon to drag charged hose lines or an unconscious victim from a dangerous area to a safe area.
Event 5 is a pike pole pull. The pike pole-pull tests the candidate`s upper body strength and stamina. Each candidate will make their way to the pike pole station and complete 20 repetitions. Each repetition includes pulling the pike pole downward until the butt of the pike pole strikes the ground and then is raised until the load strikes the ground. Fire fighters are often required to pull down pieces of ceiling or walls to check for fire.
Event 6 is a stair climb to the fifth floor of the Training Tower. The stair climb will test the candidate`s lower body strength and stamina. Candidates will ascend the training tower to the fifth floor, step out on to the deck and yell their name to their timekeeper below, then descend the tower. Candidates will be instructed not to skip steps on the way down for safety proposes. Fire fighters are often called on to safely but quickly ascend tall structures via stair well and fire apparatus ladders.
Event 7 is a single lap around Station 3 which is roughly 300 meters. This event tests the candidate`s cardio and mental endurance while moving in bunker gear and SCBA. The candidate will move as quickly as possible from the tower around the Station and back to the tower. The time will stop once the candidate touches the tower. Firefighters` cardio conditioning is vital to the performance of their duties and their ability to accomplish multiple tasks with little recovery due to the fast pace of emergency situations.

Starting Salary:  $33,160.70 - Non-Certified $ 34,906.00 - Certified (DOQ)
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   City of Brunswick, Human Resources Department
601 Gloucester Street, 2nd Floor

Brunswick, GA 31520

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: 17,000
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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