Fire Department Job Strategies


• Questions You May be Asked on an Oral Board

Aspiring Firefighters

• Background Investigation by Paul Lepore, Division Chief 

• Fire Department Interviews by Paul Lepore Division Chief 

• Polygraph Examinations by Paul Lepore Division Chief 

• Why do you want to become a firefighter? by Paul Lepore Division Chief 

Cool Stuff

• The History of Fire Engines

• Being Married to a Firefighter by Staff 

Course Preparation

• Take the Tests by Captain Dennis Childress, Orange County Fire 
It`s a statistical fact that there are over 3,000 Fire Academy graduates in the Southern California area looking for fire service jobs.   So how does a young adult go about beating those odds and get a job in the fire service without waiting forever?   (read more)


• On Getting Hired by R.D. Mandery 
A fire engine screams by, you can`t ignore the air horn blaring, the coaster siren wound up and of course, you can`t help but notice that the machine is shined to the max. You glance up over the horizon and see the smoke rising.   (read more)

• So, you want to be a firefighter?
Many children go through the phase of wanting to be a firefighter or a police officer as they are growing up. For others this childhood dream becomes a career path that they are determined to follow. There are many reasons for wanting to become a firefighter and there are many ways to go about it.   (read more)

• Why do Firefighters Die? by Charles E. Truthan, D.O., FACOFP 

• Vocabulary in an Oral Interviews
You are definitely judged by the words you speak. There are certain words that are called power words. These words paint a picture when they are heard during a conversation.   (read more)

• Firefighter Entry Certifications

• Making a Good First Impression
What is the Most Important Factor in Making a Good First Impression? Most people will think it is your physical appearance, but the first impression was made long before they ever met you. It was made when they read your application and resume.   (read more)

• Firefighter disqualifiers
When working toward a job as a firefighter, keep this list of possible disqualifiers in mind:   (read more)

• Becoming a Paramedic Part 1:
Many Fire Departments require that you have a paramedic license before you can even apply to be a Firefighter. Getting licensed as a paramedic will boost your chances of being hired in most departments.   (read more)

• Becoming a Paramedic Part II

• Think Before you Ink by By Chief Sam DiGiovanna 
Firefighters and tattoos just seem to go together.   (read more)

Getting Hired as a Firefighter

• How to Become a Firefighter

Test Taking Strategies

• Most Valuable Examination Strategies by Brent Collins 

• Strategy for Reading or Verbal Comprehension Test by Brent Collins 

• Strategies Before the Examination by Brent Collins 

• What to do Right Before the Examination by Brent Collins 

• Arriving For the Examination by Brent Collins 

• Test-Taking Tactics: Evaluating Answer Choices by Brent Collins 

• Word Clues in Multiple Choice Exams by Brent Collins 

• Understanding the Test Makers Tactics by Brent Collins 

• What is Deductive Reasoning? by Brent Collins 

• What is Inductive Reasoning? by Brent Collins 

• Strategy for Information Ordering by Brent Collins 

• Strategy for Judgement, Human Relations and Problem Solving by Brent Collins 

• Strategy for Memorization by Brent Collins 

• Strategy for Reading or Verbal Comprehension by Brent Collins 

• Strategy for Visualization by Brent Collins 

• General Test Taking Tips

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