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Delaware Fire Department
99 South Liberty Street
Delaware, OH 43015

Delaware County

740-368-8504 - fax

Hiring Information:

Position: Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic
Last Filing Date:  July 18, 2024

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Nature of Work, Essential Functions & KSA`s
The City of Delaware is currently building an eligibility list to fill full-time and part-time Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic positions. The same hiring steps are required for both positions and for lateral applicants.

OHIO Firefighter I & II and EMT-B certifications must to be COMPLETED BEFORE submitting an application.

**NOTE - To begin the recruitment process, you must take the written exam through the AND complete this online employment application. The top 60 passing scores will be pulled on June 24, 2024 and those individuals will be invited to participate in the physical ability test and panel interview.

**NOTE - Hourly rates are based on the entry level wage for a Firefighter/EMT and Firefighter/Paramedic working a 50 hour week schedule.

** LATERAL HIRES - The City may hire firefighters through the civil service process with previous service as a firefighter/paramedic in the Ohio Police and Fire and/or OPERS pension systems. The firefighter/paramedic may, at the discretion of the fire chief, be paid up to the equivalent yearly rate based on the number of years of full-time service. Lateral hire candidates must have the minimum age for employment as a firefighter and not be over 40 years of age when first employed by the city of Delaware and must possess paramedic and firefighter II certifications. The firefighter/paramedic`s appointment date shall be their date of hire. The advance step placement shall not affect or be counted towards seniority. The new hire will also be required to serve a probationary period.


An employee in this capacity is responsible for performing a variety of firefighting tasks and Basic Life Support (BLS) at the scene of an emergency. Regardless of assignment, the employee must maintain combat firefighting readiness as they are subject to deployment in that capacity. This position requires the performance of physically demanding work involving fire suppression and the provision of advanced emergency medical care. Paramedic certification is required within 36 months of hire (full-time personnel only). Work is frequently performed under conditions where personal injury or injury to others can occur; employees must be capable of reacting with speed and composure under these conditions and must exercise some initiative and independent judgment in determining proper actions to take. Under general supervision, employees are required to participate in training and/or station drills in order to maintain and increase proficiency in skills necessary to perform assigned duties. Work is performed on a shift that may be composed of 8, 10, 12 or 24-hours, may include weekends and holidays. Personnel are reviewed through observation and results obtained.

An employee serving in this capacity shall, at all times (on-duty and off-duty) conduct themselves in such a manner as to foster alignment and support for operational objectives and to represent the Fire Department and the City as a professional and dedicated public servant with the highest respect for self and others.

Performs firefighting activities including driving fire apparatus, operating pumps and related equipment, laying hose and performing fire combat, containment and extinguishment tasks.
Receives and relay fire calls and alarms; operates radio and other communication equipment.
Performs basic life support services per protocol and provides additional assistance as required.
Assesses the level of medical emergency and uses correct/effective treatment until patient is transported to the hospital. Identifies diagnostic signs which may require communications with medical facility for advice and direction.
Administers prescribed drugs and performs defibrillation, as required, and per protocol.
Keeps records and observes patient responses.
Inspects and maintains fire equipment, apparatus, facilities and grounds and performs preventative maintenance/minor repairs to department equipment. Notifies superior officer of any defects to equipment, apparatus, etc.
Checks and prepares equipment and supplies for treatment; cleans, disinfects and maintains medical equipment.
Performs housekeeping duties to crew building.
Wears, uses and maintains protective clothing to include self-contained breathing apparatus.
Presents programs to the community on safety, medical and fire prevention topics.
Participates in continuing training and instruction programs by individual study of technical material and through attendance to scheduled drills, classes, and training fires.
Performs general maintenance work in the upkeep of fire facilities and equipment.
Skill in operating firefighting and medical equipment at the level of an EMT.
Skill in driving aerial, pumpers and emergency vehicles.
Skill in making quick decisions without little to no outside input.
Skill in working independently as well as in teams.
Knowledge of elementary chemistry, physics and mechanics as applied to fire suppression.
Knowledge of up-to-date treatments and medicine at the level of an EMT.
Knowledge of the street system and geography of the City.
Knowledge of emergency medical aid at the level of an EMT.
Knowledge of fire behavior and principles of fire spread.
Knowledge of emergency response records systems, communications equipment and use, fire computer applications and incident reporting procedures.
Ability to learn new technical firefighting principles and techniques, brought about by rapidly changing information and/or technology, and put new skills and knowledge to use.
Ability to climb and work at extreme heights and conditions above the ground, including operating from a ladder truck from various heights and angles.
Ability to perform strenuous or peak physical activities, requiring endurance and agility, during emergency, training or station maintenance activities for prolonged periods of time under conditions of extreme heights, intense heart, cold or smoke.
Ability to operate pumpers, aerials ladder and various mechanical equipment (after training).
Ability to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing.
Ability to quickly assess a victim`s needs and appropriate care.
Ability to maintain effective working relationships with employees, City officials, other agencies and the general public.
Ability to perform effectively in emergency and stressful situations, including the responsibility for remaining calm and carrying out all duties with the recognition of the threat to life and property.
Ability to operate a personal computer using program applications appropriate to assigned duties.
Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
Ability to keep simple records and prepare clear-cut, concise reports.
Ability to work within a command structure requiring strict adherence to the following of orders.
Ability to perform effectively in emergency and stressful situations.
General mechanical aptitude.
Physical Requirements & Working Conditions
Specific position descriptions for a team that a Firefighter/EMT may work under (i.e. Rescue Technician, Hazardous Materials Technician, Fire Investigation, etc.) may be developed by the Department for further clarification of duties relative to the particular assignment.
Performs fire and rescue operations to include making forcible entry through doors and windows, using various tools to free trapped victims, carrying a victim, raising and climbing ladders in excess of 100 feet in height while carrying tools, equipment or victim.
Responds to fire alarms, works to extinguish fires by laying fire lines, placing hose streams on fires, raising ladders and effecting proper ventilation.
Performs salvage operations such as throwing salvage covers, sweeping water and removing debris.
Responds to emergency calls to perform emergency care to individuals involved in accidents of suffering from a serious illness necessitating emergency care.
Uses various medical equipment, automatic external defibrillator`s, splints, and other mechanical devices to assist victims and transport them to the hospital at the level of an EMT.
May respond to emergency calls for specialized service such as hazardous materials, confined spaces rescue, extrication and technical rescues that include high angle, below grade, swift water, trench and collapse rescues.
May respond to non-emergency calls for infant car seat installations, fire prevention demos, etc.
Deals with social service related areas of emergency response by assisting victims and relatives of victims of traumatic events.
With other personnel, maintains fire department apparatus and equipment in a state of readiness.
Assists in maintaining fire station and grounds in an acceptable condition.
Participates in public education and fire investigation.
Drafts and files reports on department related activities.
Participates in building inspection programs for the purpose of familiarization and fire prevention.
Performs related essential and non-essential duties and responsibilities as required.

The primary duties of this position are performed in a work environment in which the employee is subject to potential personal danger.
Ability to maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities which may include performing life threatening firefighting activities in an emergency situation; running, walking, crouching or crawling during emergency operations; moving equipment and injured/deceased persons; climbing stairs/ladders; performing life-saving and rescue procedures; walking, standing or sitting for extended periods of time; operating assigned equipment and vehicles.
Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing and other communication capabilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to communicate effectively, including during emergency situations which may involve a high degree of noise.
Sufficient vision and other powers of observation, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to effectively operate at a fire or related emergency scene.
Sufficient manual dexterity with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to operate equipment used in firefighting.
Sufficient personal mobility and physical reflexes, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to perform all duties involved in protecting life and property.
Training, Experience, and Qualifications
Possession of a high school diploma or GED.
Must be at least 18 at the time of appointment; age limit of 40 at the time of appointment.
Must be a United States citizen or hold a permanent resident card.
Must possess a valid State of Ohio driver`s license or be able to obtain an Ohio driver`s license prior to appointment.
Possession and maintenance of valid Ohio Firefighter I & II and Ohio EMT-B certifications.
Must retain all certifications required of the position and the State of Ohio. An employee in this capacity is responsible for ensuring that all certifications are current and that all necessary continuing education requirements are met.
NIMS 700, 800, 100 and 200
Must obtain Paramedic Card within 36 months from date of hire (full-time personnel only).
Supplemental Information / Special Requirements
Full-time positions are part of the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 606. Details about the compensation and benefits for this position can be found in the agreement by

The class specification which appears above is intended to be sufficient merely to identify the class and be illustrative of the kinds of duties that may be assigned to the position allocated to the class and should not be interpreted to describe all of the duties which may be required of employees holding a position assigned to this class.

The City of Delaware is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA), the City of Delaware will provide reasonable accommodations, upon reasonable request, to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective employees and incumbents to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.


Part-time FF/EMT = $18.28/hr
Part-time FF/Paramedic = $19.24/hr
Full-time FF/EMT = $72,208.97/year (based on a 50 hour week schedule)
Full-time FF/Paramedic = $75,820.16/year (based on a 50 hour week schedule)

Written Exam - Completion of National Testing Network (NTN) exam with minimum passing scores in each area according to NTN`s validated passing score levels (Reading 80%, Math 70%, Mechanical 60%, Human Relations 70%).
The Human Relations Video Score is used to determine ranking for purposes of identifying top 60 highest scoring candidates and in calculating an overall score on the Eligible List.
Online Application ? the top 60 NTN scorers are invited to complete an application and proceed in the recruitment process
Background Self Report ? when applications have been reviewed and Firefighter I & II and EMT-B certifications have been confirmed, candidates will complete an online Background Self Report
Physical Ability Test (PAT) ? candidates must participate in and pass the City`s PAT to move onto the interview. External PAT, Firefighter Mile and the CPAT scores are not accepted
Panel Interviews ? Candidates will be interviewed by a panel of 5-6 professionals from the City`s Fire and Human Resources Departments. When available, a community citizen will also participate as part of the panel.
Candidates must obtain a minimum passing score of 70%
The panel interview accounts for 50% of a candidate`s overall score
Ranking ? A candidates overall score/ranking will be comprised of their weighted written exam and panel interview score plus additional points for college education, military status and paramedic certification.
Educational points ? Associates Degree = 1 pt, Bachelor`s Degree = 2 pts and Master`s Degree = 3 pts. (Note: education points awarded for highest degree achieved only)
Military points ? Honorable discharge, active duty or current reserve status = 1 pt
Paramedic certification points = 5 pts
Certification List ? Eligible candidates will be placed on the Eligible List to be certified by the City`s Civil Service Commission and will remain on the list for a period of one year unless hired, disqualified, withdrawn or passed over three times.
Post-certification Steps:
Background questionnaire/waiver
Background check and BCI/FBI fingerprinting
Psychological indexes
Fire Chief Interview
City Manager Interview
Issuance of Conditional Offer of Employment
Psychological Examination
Pension Physical and Drug Screen

Candidates may be disqualified or removed from the recruitment process for, but not limited to the following, at any time:

Inability to establish minimum requirements or qualifications
Failure to pass any of the assessments, tests or oral review board required for the position
Felony and Criminal Activity

Conviction of or admission to any crime classified as a felony under Ohio Revised Code or any other applicable state code.
Conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude or an offense of violence.
Deception or fraud on application or examination.
Making false statements of material fact in the application, testing process or during any part of the hiring process.
Use, threatened use or attempt in using political influence in securing employment.

Conviction of, plea of "no contest," participation in a diversion program in lieu of conviction of an OMVI or equivalent offense, or conviction which is the result of a plea bargain from an original charge of OMVI within the 36 months prior to the date of application.
Drug Use

Using marijuana or cannabis in any form (natural or synthetic), including medically prescribed, and in any location (domestic or foreign) with the previous twelve (12) months.
Use of any illegal drug, other than marijuana, within the previous ten (10) years.
Misuse of any prescription drug or legally obtained substance (e.g. inhalants, solvents, aerosols, etc.) within the previous three (3) years.
Using a prescription drug (not including medically prescribed marijuana) in its original intended manner without the proper prescription or legal justification in the previous 12 months.
Illegally selling, distributing, manufacturing, or transporting drugs, marijuana or prescription drugs. When determining if candidates will be disqualified under this rule, consideration will be given to whether the substance was sold with/out profit to the applicant, the amount sold was de minimus, and if the sales occurred when the applicant was a juvenile or more than five (5) years ago.
Using any other abused drug (not including the bulleted list above, marijuana, prescription drugs or legally obtained substances) within the last five (5) years.

Dismissal from public employment for just cause.

The individual cannot be located, fails to report for an interview or other step in the selection process as directed by the Commission or Appointing Authority and/or fails to report for duty as directed by the Appointing Authority.
The individual has tested positive on a required drug test in that the test showed the presence of a drug of abuse as defined in Sections 3719.011 of the Ohio Revised Code in a body fluid unless such substance is identified as a prescribed medication (prescribed medication does not include medically prescribed marijuana). This provision is only applicable to entry level applicants.
The individual has a documented pattern of poor work habits and performance with previous employers. This includes but is not limited to excessive absenteeism, poor quality of work, excessive tardiness, and inability to get along with others in a work environment or any thefts.
Information showing that an applicant meets all of the minimum qualifications as stated in an examination announcement must appear on the application itself. No additional information will be accepted after the application filing deadline. Failure of an applicant to indicate on his application the qualifications as to education, certification, licensing, or any other requirement shall be sufficient cause to exclude an applicant from examination. A defective or incomplete application may be corrected by the applicant, and resubmitted by the filing deadline. Certification of an individual to an eligible list who has not met all of the requirements of these rules shall not be considered a waiver of any requirements, and shall not bar removal of the applicant from an eligible list by the Appointing Authority or the Commission as a result of the failure.

Starting Salary:  $72,208.97 to $75,820.16
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   City of Delaware
1 South Sandusky Street

Delaware, OH 43015

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Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: N/A
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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