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Making a Good First Impression

The Most Important Factor in Making a Good First Impression.

What is the Most Important Factor in Making a Good First Impression?   Most people will think it is your physical appearance, but the first impression was made long before they ever met you.   It was made when they read your application and resume.

Captain Bob, a veteran firefighter, has stated that a sloppy, poorly written application will give him a negative first impression of a candidate.   Words must be spelled correctly.   Sentences must be written in an organized and grammatically correct manner.   If an application or resume is sloppy and poorly written, that one minute you have to make a good first impression is gone.

  • Make sure your application is neat and that there are no spelling errors or poorly written sentences.

  • A one page resume is great for an entry-level firefighter. (The reviewer will not spend more than one minute reading it, so get your major qualifications and experience on one page).

  • List your key work experience first. (EMT Cert, FF experience, Apparatus training etc).

  • The more relevant the experience, the higher on the page it should go.

  • Include the dates of qualifications and experience on the right side of the page where it can be easily referenced.

  • After the qualifications, list your education, course work and other pertinent information to balance out your application package.

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