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What to do Right Before the Examination by Brent Collins

Diet : Try to eat foods high in carbohydrates two-three days before the examination to give you the extra energy you will need. You will be nervous the day before and the day of the exam; much of this nervousness and high anxiety will cause you to use up energy. The night before the exam it is a good idea to have a pasta dinner to load up on carbohydrates to give you the needed energy for the test.

It is a good idea to have someone call you to make sure you don't oversleep the morning of the exam. If you have a friend who is also taking the exam, you should follow each other. In case your car would break down on the way to the exam, you could ride along with your friend and still arrive at the examination.

About the author:
Brent Collins is currently Assistant Fire Chief, Cleveland Fire Department and President of Don McNea Fire School. He is a very generous and helpful person and is always available to help with your goal to become a firefighter. Visit his website for more information on test taking strategies and advice.


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