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Vocabulary in an Oral Interviews

You are definitely judged by the words you speak.   There are certain words that are called power words.   These words paint a picture when they are heard during a conversation.   The following list was developed by the Employment Development Department, State of California.

Print them, look them up in the dictionary, and begin to use them in your everyday conversations.

Conceived: you didnt come up with an idea, you conceived the idea.
Initiated:You didnt put a program in place, you initiated the implementation or the program.
Created: You created the program, you didnt think of the program.
Led or Leader: You were the leader of the project.
Energetic: You are an energetic individual!
Pride: You take pride in your abilities and workmanship.
Ability: Not only can you do the job, you have the ability to perform the duties associated with the profession.
Profession or Professional: This career is a profession, not a job!
Career: A career is long term, a job is transient and temporary.

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