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How to Become a Firefighter

There is no clear cut program laid out to become a firefighter, but the following list will help you to increase your chances of getting your firefighter job.

Be at least 18 years old. (In some states you will have to be 21, so check the requirements).

Have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Have a driverís license with a clean driving record.

Have a clean record. You donít want traffic tickets or any kind of arrests (drug use, domestic violence etc) on your record.

Become an EMT - Most departments will require an EMT Certification. Most fire departments run more than 70% or more of emergency medical calls. Becoming a Paramedic is an absolute plus on your resume, but you have to be an EMT first.

Other, more advanced skills might include:
- Pass the CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test)
- FF Certification
- Paramedic Certification

7. Take Fire Technology classes at a local community college. These are not always required, but it helps you to prepare for a career in the fire service and looks good on your resume.

8. Volunteer. You can volunteer at a fire department, but volunteering in general helps you to stand out in the hiring process by showing that you have the desire to improve your community. There are many groups that need volunteers. There is a great website called that helps you find a cause that you believe in.

9. Learn about the testing process.
Prepare for the Oral Boards
Study for the written test
Get in shape to pass the physical agility
Prepare for the background investigation

10. Take the tests. Every time you sit for a test, it prepares you for the next one. is a great place to find out who is hiring.

11. Learn about the fire service through education and hands on experience. Volunteering at your local department or seasonal crew is a great help.

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