Apply for Wildfire Prep Day funding to help those at greatest risk  (20 Feb 2018, 11:58 am)

Did you know that there is a category of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day funding awards that you can apply for to complete a wildfire preparedness project for an individual property owner?  Wildfire Community Preparedness Day funding awards can

Opportunities for youth in the preparedness arena  (16 Feb 2018, 1:32 pm)

NPFA and FEMA have opportunities for youth to learn about and get involved in preparedness activities.   FEMA announced that it is seeking applicants for the Youth Preparedness Council, which brings together teens from across the country who are

Veterans from Team Rubicon assist with fuels reduction project  (29 Jan 2018, 2:04 pm)

Within the suburbs and foothills west of Denver, CO, West Metro Fire Rescue has been engaged in wildfire education and outreach since 2007; their efforts have produced two Firewise USA™ sites, but like the majority of fire departments, fuels