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Shelby County Fire Department
1115 Sycamore View Road
Memphis, TN 38134

Shelby County

901-373-4925 - fax

Hiring Information:

Position: Firefighter III - Paramedic Lateral (Fire)
Last Filing Date:  December 30, 2022

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Position Summary
Works under the direct supervision of a Lieutenant to perform public safety work involving the protection of life and property.

Pay Grade: 51H

Minimum Qualifications
100% -
1. Paramedic Certification (Must maintain certification for duration of employment)

2. State of Tennessee Firefighter II Certification (Nonresidents must qualify for reciprocity recognized by IFSAC or Pro Board)

3. Two (2) years of experience with a full-time Fire Service or five (5) years with a volunteer Fire Service.

4. Must be at least 21 years of age upon date of employment.

5. High School diploma or possess a GED.

6. Be a U. S. citizen.

7. Be of good moral character and integrity.


Duties and Responsibilities
1. Responds to fire, medical and other emergency and non-emergency calls.

2. Performs ladder operations and hose evolutions.

3. Locates and rescues individuals from burning buildings.

4. Ensures that all necessary equipment is available.

5. Checks operation of equipment and apparatus.

6. Creates openings in buildings for ventilation or entrance.

7. Administers medical service to persons needing assistance.

8. Inspects buildings for fire hazards and compliance with fire prevention ordinances.

9. Selects hose nozzle according to type of fire and directs water stream or chemicals onto fire.

10. Maintains apparatus, living quarters, and emergency equipment.

11. Protects property from water and smoke by use of waterproof covers, smoke fans, and deodorants.

12. Performs other related duties as required or directed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
KSAs -
1. Ability to follow directions.

2. Ability to work with the public under stressful and/or dangerous conditions and make quick, accurate decisions concerning human life.

3. Ability to conform to and work in a para-military environment.

4. Ability to work in stressful situations under adverse weather conditions, such as extreme heat, thick smoke, and toxic fumes.

5. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

6. Ability to operate various fire apparatus, including an axe, pry bar, high pressure hose, ladders, safety equipment, breathing apparatus, two-way radio, chemicals, related firefighting equipment, and emergency medical equipment.

7. Ability to perform demanding physical tasks required in firefighting and emergency medical work, such as lifting and carrying a victim, hose, or other equipment weighing up to 200 lbs. while wearing turnouts, air tank, air mask, gloves, etc.; extinguishing fires; making routine inspections of buildings, hydrants, and immediate surroundings for existence of fire hazards; and walking, running, crawling, standing, lifting, climbing, or stooping for long periods of time while wearing/carrying heavy equipment.

8. Ability to work a twenty-four (24) hour/ fifty-six (56) hour work week.

9. Ability to perform firefighting duties in emergency vehicles, such as trucks, engines, or other apparatus at the scene of fire, medical, and/or other emergency and non-emergency calls.

10. Knowledge of the proper use of medical equipment.

11. Knowledge of local streets and hospital locations.

12. Knowledge of emergency communication codes and procedures.

13. Knowledge of hydraulic principles involved in properly extinguishing a fire.

Special Requirements
1. Must pass all pre-hire screening, including physical examination and eye exam.

2. Must pass psychological test, drug screen and criminal background check.

3. Must meet residency requirement at the time of employment.

4. Must possess and maintain throughout employment adequate physical fitness in order to fulfill the physically demanding (and potentially hazardous) tasks that a firefighter performs.

5. Must possess a valid Tennessee Driver?s License or secure one by date of employment.

6. Must have access to an operable automobile and meet County standards for automobile insurance upon date of employment.


This position is subject to a background check for any convictions that have a substantial relationship to potential job duties. Only convictions that are substantially related to potential job duties will be considered and will not automatically disqualify the candidate.

Application Special Instructions


1. Entry: $4,993.94 Monthly

2. Paramedic Incentive after assignment to Fire Station: $540.00 Monthly

Starting Salary:  $4,993.94 Monthly -
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   Shelby County Human Resources Department
160 North Main, Suite 901

Memphis, TN 38103

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: $7,200,000.00
Population Served: 160,000
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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