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Modesto Fire Department
600 11th Street
Modesto, CA 95354

Stanislaus County

209-342-6134 - fax

Hiring Information:

Position: Firefighter Trainee - FCTC
Last Filing Date:  July 13, 2022

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Firefighter Trainees are responsible to respond to fire alarms, medical emergency and other calls to protect life and property; and to participate in fire prevention, training and station and equipment maintenance activities.


Firefighter Trainee - This is the entry level class in the Firefighter series. Employees at this level are not expected to perform with the same independence of direction and judgment on matters related to established procedures and guidelines as are positions allocated to the journey level. Since this class is typically used as a training class, employees may have only limited or no directly related fire suppression work experience. Employees work under general supervision while learning job tasks and are expected to be performing at the journey level within prescribed time frames.

Firefighter - This is the full journey level class within the professional Firefighter series. Employees within this class are distinguished from the Firefighter Trainee by the performance of the full range of duties as assigned. Employees at this level receive instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies within the work unit. Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and are normally filled by advancement from the Firefighter Trainee level.

Application Process

Applicants will be assessed on the application submitted. Due to the volume of applications received, resumes will not be screened for the purpose of determining who is most qualified to compete in the testing process. It is the applicant`s responsibility to fill out the "Education" and "Work Experience" sections of their application with complete information and adequate detail. Do not substitute any part of the application form with the words "SEE RESUME." The following information is provided for you to use as a reference and as a planning tool. Human Resources is unable to schedule make-up examinations.

Applicants considered to be the most qualified will be invited to continue in the testing process.

Tentative Schedule
Applications Accepted: June 29, 2022 - July 13, 2021
SparkHire Selection Interviews: July 25, 2022 -July August 1, 2022

Human Resources reserves the right to change the testing process to best meet the needs of the City.
Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Essential Functions:

Respond to fire alarms with assigned company; lay and connect hose; maintain pumping apparatus; hold nozzles and direct water streams; raise and climb ladders.

Operate all types of portable fire extinguishers, pike poles, hand lines, smoke ejectors, salvage covers, forcible entry tools, aerial ladder equipment, emergency medical equipment, and other rescue equipment.

Provide basic life support while responding to emergency medical incidents, analyzing and initiating patient care until relieved by proper medical personnel.

Administer first aid; assist paramedics at medical emergencies; apply techniques for the control of bleeding; utilize immobilization techniques to stabilize patient.

Respond to hazardous materials incidents.

Participate in fire inspection activities and other fire prevention and public education activities as assigned; ensure that businesses are operating in compliance with the fire code; maintain appropriate records and files.

Monitor appropriate air traffic control frequencies and visually monitor the airfield during times that the FAA tower is closed, but commercial flights are scheduled to either arrive or depart.

Inspect aircraft ramp and refueling operations at the airport.

Perform the airfield and runway inspections on weekends and holidays, as required.

Participate in the Fire Prevention program, providing various public relations services, including facility tours, High School Career Day, Neighborhood Watch programs, and public education seminars.

Participate in fire drills; serve as drill instructor as assigned; attend training sessions, including firefighting techniques, emergency medical care, and the proper use of all equipment and related tools.

Clean apparatus and equipment and perform general custodial duties as required.

Assist in maintaining pre-fire plans; update maps as required.

Respond to public complaints regarding weed abatement and fire and safety hazards.

Issue bicycle licenses.

Build and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, other City employees, and the public using principles of good customer service.

Observe and maintain a safe working environment in compliance with established safety programs and procedures.

Marginal Functions:

Perform related duties as assigned.
Ability to:

Learn to understand and act in accordance with departmental policies, rules, and instructions in the field of firefighting.

Learn to apply firefighting and medical techniques and procedures.

Demonstrate mechanical aptitude as required in the operation of firefighting equipment.

Learn the layout of the City`s water main system and street numbering system.

Retain presence of mind in emergency situations.

Think and act quickly and effectively in emergencies.

Understand and follow oral and written directions promptly and accurately.

Perform occasional heavy lifting and physical maneuvering.

Pass all required oral, manipulative, and written exams for Firefighter Trainee.

Work in a communal environment that includes common sleeping, eating, and restroom facilities.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Experience and Training Guidelines:

Any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:


None required.


High School diploma or GED equivalency.

License or Certificate:

Possession of a current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate for the Health Care Professional.

Possession of a current California Emergency Medical Technician I (EMT) Certificate. A course completion certificate is NOT adequate.

Possession of a California State Fire Marshal?s Office Firefighter I Certificate, or graduation from a California State Fire Marshal?s accredited Firefighter I academy, or completion of 15 semester units of college course work in fire science or a related field.

Possession of, or the ability to obtain, a valid California driver?s license.

Additional Requirements:

Must be a minimum of age 20 by final filing date of recruitment and 21 years of age by date of appointment.
Mobility: pulling and pushing objects, sitting, standing, walking on uneven or slippery surfaces, kneeling, bending, twisting, turning, stooping, squatting, stooping, climbing and working from ladders. Lifting: perform tasks requiring strength and stamina, such as heavy lifting and moving equipment and objects weighing over 100 pounds. Vision: constant use of overall vision; frequent reading of gauges, documents and street maps, color and depth vision. Dexterity: frequent grasping, holding and reaching, manual dexterity to use tools, assemble fittings and perform hose and ladder placement evolutions. Hearing/Talking: verbal communication including projecting a voice that can be heard in a noisy environment, hearing and distinguishing various sounds, such as alarms, voices of coworkers and warning horns or sirens in both quiet and noisy environments. Emotional/Psychological: frequent concentration and decision making, frequent public and coworker contact, ability to maintain high level cognitive, interpretive and judgment skills. Environmental: willing to work in adverse conditions and life-threatening emergencies; subject to odors, dust, pollen, chemicals, skin irritants, fumes and solvents.


Work is performed in both indoor and outdoor environment on a year-round basis and is subject to seasonal climate and weather conditions wearing protective clothing. Positions require 24-hour shift assignments and overtime work.

Starting Salary:  $66,144.00 - $80,392.08 Annually
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   City of Modesto Personnel Department
1010 10th Street, Suite 2200
PO Box 642
Modesto, CA 95354

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: 170,000
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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