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Sparks Fire Department
431 Prater Way
Sparks, NV 89431

Washoe County


Hiring Information:

Position: Firefighter/Paramedic-112 - Entry Level Requiring Fire Academy
Last Filing Date:  June 12, 2019

Special Instructions:  

open until filled - continuous


This is a CONTINUOUS RECRUITMENT. This posting is for candidates who must attend a Fire Academy. (Candidates who have already attended the Fire Academy and have fire department experience, there is a second job posting for lateral applicants)

The City of Sparks is an equal opportunity employer

Candidate applications will only be accepted once in a 365 day period.


The cutoff to apply for this testing is listed above. Candidates who meet minimum qualifications will receive an e-mail invitation to schedule their test.
Candidates who pass the written examination will be required to submit proof of passing the CPAT (Candidate Physical Abilities Test) by a deadline to be determined when the next testing date is established.

Qualifications & Testing Informaton:
Minimum Qualifications
The following are the minimum qualifications for this position. Applicants must have these qualifications to be considered a qualified applicant and to be invited to the testing process:

High School Diploma or equivalent
At least 18 years of age
Must possess a valid Nevada Paramedic Certification or National Registry Paramedic Certifications at the time of appointment
Must possess current CPR, ACLS, ITLS, and PALS certifications at the time of appointment
Must obtain a Nevada EMS Attendant License within three (3) months of appointment
1 (one) year of full time experience as a paid paramedic with an ALS EMS provider
For your application to be considered qualified you must attach an electronic copy of the valid and current license/certifications listed above to your application in addition to providing support for the other minimum requirements in your application. If you will not have the certification until appointment, this will be required prior to beginning work.

Civil Service Examination
This is a continuous recruitment. Qualified applicants will be invited to a Civil Service written examination. The next testing date and the cut-off for this testing are listed above. Candidates who pass the written examination will be required to submit proof of passing the CPAT (Candidate Physical Abilities Test) as the Civil Service physical test. The cut-off to submit proof of passing the CPAT is listed above.

Example of Essential Duties:
Respond to fires, medical calls, and other emergency and non-emergency situations, and take appropriate action; perform various staff support assignments in addition to emergency responses and daily activities

Must be able to use a variety of hose lines, deck guns, ground monitors, appliances and other equipment to safely and effectively control and extinguish fires; perform horizontal and vertical ventilation as directed; ladder buildings, conduct forcible entry, conduct search and rescue operations; participate in salvage and overhaul, and other assignments as required on the fire ground.

Provide emergency medical care up to and including the Paramedic level

Use hand and power tools to force entry into buildings, rescue victims, secure utilities and provide ventilation when directed

Participate in specialized operations such as low angle, high angle, trench, water, and ice rescues, including the use of rigging, shoring, and other specialized equipment

Contain, confine, decontaminate, or otherwise mitigate hazardous material spills

Clean, inspect, maintain, and perform minor repairs on Fire Department vehicles, apparatus, and related equipment in order to ensure operational readiness

Participate in staff support assignments including fire prevention, inspections, investigations, and special projects

Maintain inventory and other department records

Perform routine maintenance of fire stations and other department facilities

Utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) during emergency operations, training evolutions, and other times as appropriate

Work with the community in a variety of educational, public relations, and service programs

When certified by the department, may act as a Fire Apparatus Operator on a relief basis

Education and Experience:
High School diploma or equivalent.

1 (one) year of full time experience as a paid paramedic with an ALS EMS provider.

Licenses and Certificates:
Must possess and maintain a valid Nevada Class C driver`s license or equivalent; must obtain a Nevada Class "A" driver`s license with an "F" endorsement or a Nevada Commercial Class "B" license with the proper endorsements/restrictions, to allow the driver to tow vehicles in excess of 10,000 pounds, within one (1) year of appointment. If living out of state, must possess a license from the state of residence that meets the driver`s license requirements of the department.

Must possess a valid Nevada Paramedic Certification or a National Registry Paramedic Certification at the time of appointment. Must obtain a Nevada EMS Attendant License within three (3) months of appointment. Must maintain these licenses/certifications for continued employment.

Must possess current CPR, ACLS, ITLS, and PALS certifications at time of appointment, and must maintain these certifications for continued employment.

Knowledge of:
Principles and practices of fire suppression and prevention
Principles and practices of providing hazardous materials response at the first responder operational level
Principles and practices of providing emergency medical care up to and including the Paramedic level
Basic principles of fire apparatus hydraulics
Safety practices and precautions pertaining to the position of a firefighter
Basic recordkeeping and business mathematics
Basic computer use

Ability to:
Understand and follow oral and written directions
Remain calm, make sound decisions, and respond appropriately in emergency situations
Establish and maintain effective working relationships
Provide emergency medical care up to and including the Paramedic level
Maintain accurate records and prepare clear and concise reports and other written materials

Physical Demands:
Requires the ability to work in a typical office setting and use standard office equipment; requires sufficient physical strength and stamina to lift and carry equipment and persons weighing up to 150 pounds with assistance, and stand and walk for extended periods of time; requires the ability to work outdoors in varied weather conditions with the potential for exposure to chemicals, extreme heat, fire, smoke, traffic and other hazards; must be able to wear and work in self-contained breathing apparatus

Supplemental Information:
Must be willing to work shifts as structured in the Fire Department
Must live within 60 miles of the closest City of Sparks Fire Department station
Must pass a detailed background investigation
Must pass a pre-placement drug screen

Supervision Exercised:
When certified, may act as a Fire Apparatus Operator on a relief basis

This position reports to Fire Apparatus Operators, Captains, and Chief Officers

This is a Civil Service position and is Non-Exempt under FLSA guidelines

Testing Information:
The City of Sparks conducts a written examination to establish an eligibility list for firefighters. Candidates who pass the written examination will also be required to pass the CPAT (Candidate Physical Abilities Test) and submit proof by the listed deadline.
Supplemental Job Posting Information:
Human Resources will require prior to the first examination for the position (or for the CPAT by the deadline listed), necessary documentary evidence be submitted for fitness of any qualification. Any requirement not met for the advertised position prior to the first examination for that position or otherwise stated deadline, will be cause for Human Resources to decline to examine, certify or hire the applicant.

Recruitment Communication:
Human Resources will be contacting you at various stages of the recruitment process via email only, even if you have chosen U.S. mail for prior application processes or for applications with other agencies. Please make sure your email address is accurate.

List Establishment:
This test will also establish a list for future vacancies. The list is established on a continuous basis. At each testing date, qualified candidates who pass the Civil Service examinations will have their applications merged onto the eligibility list. Each candidate will remain active on the eligibility list for 365 days from the date they are placed on the list, unless otherwise removed in the recruitment process.

Reasonable Accommodation:
Human Resources will make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled candidates in the selection process. If you have special needs, please notify the Human Resources office when you turn in your application or at least three business days prior to the examination/interview by calling (775) 353-2345.

The City of Sparks hires and promotes candidates based on a competitive merit selection process, which may include any or all of the following: screening for minimum qualifications, written examination, supplemental training and experience questionnaires, assessment center, interviews (oral or written), physical tests or any combination which the Sparks Civil Service Commission may order.

Scoring in the top ten in any part of the selection process merely advances the applicant to a higher round of examination, which may consist of interviews and other evaluations. Scoring in the top five or ten gives no right to be selected for the position. The City of Sparks reserves the right to select applicants who demonstrate the best combination of qualifications for the position.

Starting Salary:  $63,336.00 - $75,508.16 Annually
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   City of Sparks, Human Resources Department
431 Prater Way

Sparks, NV 89431

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: N/A
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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