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Greeley Fire Department
Public Safety Bldg 919 7th St
Greeley, CO 80631

Weld County

303-350-9525 - fax

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Position: Firefighter/Paramedic
Last Filing Date:  January 4, 2020

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Job Summary
The Greeley Fire Department is seeking qualified applicants to establish an eligibility list for the position of Full-Time Firefighter/Paramedic. To be eligible to apply, applicants MUST have a current State of Colorado and/or National Registry Paramedic Certification. Applicants must also possess a current Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) certification at time of application and upon a Conditional Job Offer.

The City of Greeley Fire Department provides an `All Hazards` emergency response for a population of over 105,000 citizens and covers a response area of 64 square miles. The Department responds to over 14,000 emergency calls from six fire stations and is comprised of 113 personnel. The Department provides Advanced Life Support Service at the Paramedic level and partners with Banner Health to provide transport services.

The Greeley Fire Department is proud of its long standing tradition of providing excellence in customer service. Those qualified candidates who are highly motivated and who have demonstrated sound, honest, and truthful actions with a commitment to service are highly desirable.

Firefighter/Paramedics perform individually and/or as a member of a team and participate in activities in the following areas: combating, extinguishing, and preventing fires; responding to emergency medical and traffic accident calls and other related public assistance activities; performing routine custodial maintenance of fire department equipment, apparatus, and facilities.

Step One:
Visit http://greeleygov.com/government/hr/job-center/fire to complete the required City of Greeley application and review information for minimum requirements and testing instructions.

Step Two:
Visit to https://nationaltestingnetwork.com/publicsafetyjobs/index.cfm website to schedule a written exam and complete the NTN application.

Step Three:
Candidates who do not already possess a current Candidate Physical Ability Test card, they can visit https://www.aims.edu/academics/fire-science/cpat/ for more information and to schedule a Candidate Physical Ability Test through Aims Community College.


March 11, 2019: Posting of the Position Announcement
March 11 ? May 12, 2019 City of Greeley Application and NTN Written Test Window
May 20 ? May 24, 2019: Skills Assessment Center and Interviews
June 3, 2019: Conditional Job Offers (Tentative and subject to change)
June 3 ? June 28, 2019: Pre-Hire Screening Process (Tentative and subject to change)
July 8, 2019: Job Offers (Tentative and subject to change)
August 8, 2019: Hire Date (Tentative and subject to change)

The application, testing and selection process will consists of four (4) main components:

1. City of Greeley Application: All Candidates are required to submit a City of Greeley Employment Application, which can be found by visiting http://greeleygov.com/government/hr/job-center/fire or http://greeleygov.com/government/hr. Applicants who do not meet all of the minimum job requirements (see below) will not be considered.

2. National Testing Network Application: All Candidates are required to register with the National Testing Network (NTN) and will be required to complete a Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) along with the FireTEAM written examination. The written exam is pass/fail. To fill out an application and schedule a test, go to www.nationaltestingnetwork.com; select Fire and sign up for the Greeley Fire Department. There is a fee for the test. Candidates that reside in the City of Greeley are eligible to receive a voucher to cover the cost of the written exam. Vouchers will be available by contacting the City of Greeley Human Resources Department (hr@greeleygov.com, or 970-350-9710). Proof of residency will be required.

3. Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT): Candidates must possess a current CPAT card at the time of application and must maintain a current card through the Conditional Job Offer process. Information on obtaining a CPAT certification can be found by visiting www.aims.edu/fire.

4. Interviews: Candidates who meet the minimum requirements and who successfully pass the written exam may be invited to participate in the Skills Assessment and Interview process.
Experience, Knowledge, Skills

21 years of age at time of application deadline;
High school diploma or GED;
Valid driver`s license with acceptable driving record;
Be in good physical condition;
Have vision of or correctable to 20/20;
Ability to follow verbal and written instructions;
Skill in communicating effectively both orally and in writing, using tact and diplomacy;
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
No felony convictions or conviction involving moral turpitude;
No felonious drug usage or related activities within the previous 5 years;
No use of marijuana within the last two years;
No arrest for DUI, DWAI, or DUID within the last 5 years
Candidates must provide copies of pre-hire minimum requirements listed below by May 12th, 2019:
Current Colorado and/or National Registry Paramedic Certification. Certification must be maintained through date of hire, including all required refresher courses;
Current CPAT certification. Must be maintained through the Conditional Job Offer process;
NOTE: Preference points will be awarded to testing scores for Military Veterans who provide proper documentation, such as a DD Form 214. Five (5) preference points will be added to the overall score of those qualified candidates who pass each section of the written exam.
Must be certified as a Fire Fighter Level II by the State of Colorado within 12 months of hire with certification kept current; and,
Must successfully pass a Field Instructor program to practice as a Paramedic within Weld County within 6 months of academy graduation.
Must maintain a Colorado and/or National Registry Paramedic Certification for a minimum of three (3) re-certification cycles while employed by the Greeley Fire Department.
Essential Functions
Required to work either a 48 hour work (48 on / 96 off) or an 8 hour day / 40 hours per week work schedule;
Required to work on Fire Apparatus and EMS Transport unit;
Required to participate in Public Safety Education and Fire Prevention activities;
Required to respond to fire, accident, medical, or other emergency scenes at any time during 48-hour schedule;
Inability to leave work site/scene during 48-hour shift;
Works with the public in situations involving severe physical and personal trauma;
Operates, or is a passenger in, an emergency vehicle responding to fire, accident or medical emergency scenes;
Required to wear safety equipment as stipulated by departmental standard operating procedures.
Work Environment and Physical Requirements
Working Environment:

May be exposed to toxic gases;
May be exposed to hazards which create potential for personal injury;
May be exposed to seasonal weather conditions.
Physical Requirements:
Vision sufficient to perform functions such as read and review written communications to obtain on-scene information regarding fire, accident, or medical emergency situation, to render appropriate assistance;
Hearing and speech enough to communicate clearly and distinctly face-to-face as well as over the radio in normal and adverse conditions.
Arm and hand steadiness and manual dexterity to use firefighting, extrication, and basic life support tools;
Stamina enough to remain physically active during a fire, accident, or medical emergency scene until relieved;
Stamina and strength enough to move heavy objects (50 lbs or more) long distances (over 20 feet);
Ability to distinguish possible types of fires by color of smoke or flame;
Ability to effectively perform job duties at varying heights under adverse conditions.

Those who are placed on the eligibility list will remain on the list for six (6) months.
Those selected for employment will attend the Front Range Fire Consortium 15-week Recruit Fire Academy.

Starting Salary:  $61,716.00 Annually
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   City of Greeley, Human Resources Department
1000 10th Street

Greeley, CO 80631

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: 62,000
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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