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Darlington County EMS
Administration Office
1 Public Square, Room 210
Darlington, SC 29532


843-393-8539 - fax

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Position: Paramedic Full Time 24/48
Last Filing Date:  May 25, 2020

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open until filled


The intent of this listing is to give a general indication of the level of difficulty and responsibility of this position. It requires performing an assortment of emergency medical care training and instruction. This position reports to the EMS Paramedic Shift Supervisor.
Job Description:
Under regular supervision, must be mentally and physically capable of responding to emergency medical calls promptly, providing patient`s quality medical treatment and transportation to appropriate medical facilities. Completes required records and performs routine maintenance of equipment and vehicles. Exercises judgement in all situations and ensures prompt response to emergency calls. Reports to the EMS Paramedic Shift Supervisor.
Essential Functions
1. Responds to emergency calls, and provides basic and advanced life support treatment and care to patients at the scene of emergency, performing such duties as cardiac monitoring, calculation and administration of fluids and medications, airway management, CPR, application of splints, treatment of wounds, control of bleeding, monitoring and relaying of vital signs, administering oxygen to patients, etc.; provides assistance in delivering babies as necessary; responds to convalescent calls as needed.
2. Is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of emergency vehicle to ensure that ambulance is in safe and proper operating condition for travel and use in emergency situations which entails such duties as performing dally inventory of supplies and materials, replenishing first-aid equipment and supplies, maintaining medical facilities, cleaning vehicle following each call, etc.
3. Inspects ambulance supplies and equipment to ensure adequate amounts are on hand at all times; monitors supplies and equipment of ambulance and base and restocks as needed; maintains ambulance with ample supply of fuel, oil, water, etc.
4. Completes required DHEC records and reports for billing and inventory purposes and in order to keep supervisors and shift members informed of events.
5. Operates and maintains a variety of medical equipment and supplies such as a van and modular type ambulance, CPR machines, suction units, oxygen tanks, splints, two-way radio equipment, cardiac monitor, blood pressure monitor, oxygen demand valve, radio-logical monitor, etc.
6. Plans and coordinates training programs as well as personally instructs emergency medical services personnel, and maintains Individual Internal training records.
7. Provides departmental safety and Infection control training to fully meet OSHA and County guidelines and requirements; acts as Safety Officer for EMS and liaison with County Government Safety Program.
8. Provides EMS personnel Health Care Provider CPR Training and annual certification.
9. Coordinates EMS Department Blood borne Pathogen Training and Department Hepatitis B
Immunizations with the County-wide program.
10. Attends and completes required infection control and safety training courses and seminars in addition
to required training to keep abreast of medical technology, use of equipment, and theory of
emergency service and transport.
11. Develops, implements and maintains Tuberculosis Program Standard and personnel training to meet
OSHA guidelines and requirements and to include scheduling of TB Skin Tests.
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Darlington County Government
12. Works under stressful, high-risk conditions and with life threatening situations, assumes control of patient scene at motor vehicle accidents and transports patients with communicable diseases as needed.
13. Performs other duties as assigned.
1. High school graduate with Vocational/Technical training in Emergency Medical Technician courses, with three to five years of related experience
2. Must be certified as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and be certified as a CPR Instructor, with Basic Emergency Medical Technician Instructor Certification. Prefer experience and training in radiological monitoring training and hazardous materials first responder courses.
3. Must have working knowledge of automated EMS computer databases and operation. Safety and Infection Control training preferred
4. Must have a valid driver`s license Issued by the State of S.C.
5. A criminal background check will be completed on selected applicant if a current one (less than 3 years
old) is not on file.
1. Must be physically able to operate different types of emergency response vehicles as well as a variety of complex medical and other machines and equipment. This includes oxygen equipment, IV pumps, suction units, thumper CPR machine, blood pressure cuff, extrication equipment, two- way radio, etc.
2. Must be physically able to exert up to one hundred pounds of force occasionally and/or frequently to lilt, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects. Physical demands are in excess of sedentary work. Must have the physical capabilities to lift and carry a minimum of thirty-five pounds with either hand.
3. Must be able to power lift a minimum weight of one hundred fifty pounds from the ground to a standing position. Using the standard two-person stretcher, must have the capability of lifting and carrying one-half of a loaded two-hundred fifty pound stretcher forward, backwards, up and down stairs, and on uneven terrain.
$15.36 per hour w/yearly salary expectancy of $52,098 BASED On 24/48. State Health Insurance, SC Retirement, Vacation, Paid Holidays and Sick Leave Benefits.
After your 1 year anniversary, you are eligible for a 2.5% incentive bonus each November as approved by County Council.
Apply in the Darlington County Administrator`s Office, 1 Public Square, Room 210 (Courthouse), Darlington, SC 29532 or obtain an application online at www.darcosc.com; then mail to above address or email to gwinburn@darcosc.net

Starting Salary:  $52,098 per year
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   Darlington County Administrators Office
1 Public Square, Roo 210

Darlington , SC 29532


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