Position Detail:

Plymouth Fire Department
3400 Plymouth Blvd
Plymouth, MN 55447

Hennepin County

612-509-5167 - fax

Hiring Information:

Position: Paid-on-Call Firefighter
Last Filing Date:  July 23, 2018

Special Instructions:  



Makes a difference through emergency response, customer service and community education. Protects and saves life and property through effective rescue and firefighting work; responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for service; performs fire prevention and education activities; and performs equipment and facility maintenance, and housekeeping duties. Performs other duties as apparent or assigned.

Essential Functions:
Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for service in an effective and efficient manner.
Responds quickly and safely to around-the-clock to calls for service with proper equipment.
Rescues individuals from fires and other emergency situations.
May administer first aid to injured persons or respond to medical calls in accordance with department policy.

Facilitate fire control measures.
Extinguishes fires. Properly places hoses and ladders, operates pumps, directs streams of water, uses other extinguishing agents, as appropriate. May operate aerial ladders, fire extinguishers, bars, axes, etc., as needed. Involves working inside, outside, and on top of burning and smoke-filled structures.
Performs salvage operations which may include placing tarps, removing excess water, shoveling debris, patching windows and holes, and performing other clean-up as directed.
Cleans and prepares equipment which includes but is not limited to refueling vehicles, refilling water tanks, recharging air tanks and extinguishers, washing trucks and hand tools, drying and reloading hoses, and other work needed to return vehicles and equipment to ready status.
Assists in inspecting, maintaining, and repairing, as necessary, all fire-related equipment. Completes proper checklists and reports damaged and improperly functioning equipment.
Performs numerous and varied tasks individually or as a team member.
Assists in community outreach, fire prevention and public education duties as assigned.
Maintains facilities and performs housekeeping duties which includes building and grounds maintenance, sweeping and washing floors and walls, cleaning common areas, and performing minor repairs as needed or assigned.
Assists with inspection of commercial and public buildings. Check fire hydrants as directed.
Attends training sessions, studies material on fire hazards and firefighting or rescue methods and maintains familiarity with city streets and all department equipment.
Medical Certification - shall maintain all related skill levels in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota.
Keep a superior officer advised of fire suppression developments and perform other duties as assigned.
Responsible for completing reports and other documents.
Preform other duties as assigned by Fire Department Command Staff.

Employee Requirements

Skills Involved:
Operates equipment; hand tools, power tools, light and heavy equipment and operates fire apparatus.
Must be able to multiply, divide, use fractions and read graphs (Fire pump operations).
Must be able to read textbooks.
Must be able to interpret instructions and use logic to solve problems.

Schedules and Other Conditions:
On call - carries a pager, responds to emergency calls as required by Department policy/regulations (Standard Operating Procedures) all hours other than their normal working hours or vacation.

Physical Demands:
Vision: Normal vision needed with or without correction. Requires both near and far acuity.
Hearing: Normal hearing needed. Firefighter must discriminate among similar sounds in environments with a great amount of background noise.
Speech: Must be able to communicate effectively to others.
Lifting needed: The firefighter may be required to lift 115 pounds or more.
Drag: Must be able to drag an object weighing 115 pounds or more.
Walking and/or mobility needed: Must be able to walk or crawl while carrying or lifting. Must be able to ascend and descend stairs or ladders. Must be able to balance and have the ability to steady oneself and keep from falling. Must be capable of reaching (extend the hands or arms in any direction); capable of utilizing both gross and fine muscle functions for the handling (seizing, holding, grasping, turning, or otherwise working with the hands); fingering (picking, pinching, or otherwise working with the fingers); and feeling (perceiving attributes of objects such as size, shape, temperature, or texture by means of receptors in skin, particularly those of the fingertips). Must be capable of applying a leg lock with either leg upon a ground ladder to provide a safe anchor when operating hose lines or performing rescue work.

Mental Abilities:
Must be able to work as a team under stress caused by emergencies, danger.

Personal Attributes:
Present a positive, constructive image and attitude in the performance of their duties.

Training Time:
ESTIMATE: Two (2) years

Judgment Demands:
Decisions regarding the safety of firefighter`s team members and own self.

Minimum Qualifications
High school graduate or equivalent.
18 years of age on appointment date.
Must successfully pass city administered initial and periodic physical ability test, physical and psychological examinations, drug screen.
Must possess valid Minnesota driver`s license.
Ability to regularly respond to emergency and non-emergency service calls within an eight(8) minute travel time to a Plymouth Fire station.

Desired Qualifications
Successful completion of Minnesota Firefighter I course from a technical or community college.
Medical training, e.g., First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician.

Supplemental Information:
Physical Requirements

Physical Activities:

Very Frequent (Often required to perform the job)
Kneeling (bending leg at knee and resting on knee)
Crawling (moving about on hands and knees)
Crouching (bending at knees)
Bending at waist
Reaching (extending hands and arms in any direction)
Handling objects (grasping, turning or otherwise using hands or hand)
Repetitive hand motion
Use of arm muscles over extended periods
Use of leg muscles over extended periods
Overhead work (over shoulder height)
Stationary desk or bench work with neck bent forward

Occasional (Sometimes required to perform the job)

Are the following weights lighted?
0-10 pounds? Yes
11-24 pounds? Yes
25-34 pounds? Yes
25-50 pounds? Yes
51-74 pounds? Yes
75-100 pounds? Yes
The employee must be able to handle tools ladders, appliances, and other apparatus. The heaviest single tool (Hurst tool) is approximately 80 pounds.
The employee must be able to lift object(s) from 0 to 10 feet.

Are the following weights carried?
0-10 pounds? Yes
11-24 pounds? Yes
25-34 pounds? Yes
25-50 pounds? Yes
51-74 pounds? Yes
75-100 pounds? Yes
The employee must be able to carry tools ladders, appliances, and other apparatus. The heaviest single tool (Hurst tool) is approximately 80 pounds.
The employee must be able to carry object(s) from 0 to 50 feet.

Job Requirements:
Working outdoors? Yes
Working indoors? Yes
Operating forklifts, machinery, or vehicles? Yes
Supervising other employees?
Working with chemicals? Yes
Working near fumes/vapors? Yes
Driving city vehicle or personal vehicle? Yes, driving is an essential functions

Starting Salary:  $12.00 - $14.71 Hourly
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   City of Plymouth, Human Resources
3400 Plymouth Blvd.

Plymouth, MN 55447-1482

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: N/A
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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