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Becoming a Paramedic Part II

Becoming a Paramedic Part II

The Paramedic Academy:

Before you can get into a program, you may be required to pass a
Criminal History Record Search
Social Security Number Trace
OIB/GSA - Medicare/Medicaid Excluded List
Nationwide Sex Offender Registry
Drug Screening

The Courses can include:

Introduction to Paramedic Training
Paramedic Medical Training
Paramedic Trauma Training
Paramedic OB/Peds Training
Clinical Internship
Clinical Integration I
Clinical Integration II
Field Internship

Once you complete the required classes, you will then be required to complete a Paramedic Internship. The internship will give you actual field training and prepare you to take the National Registry EMT-P exam. Once you pass this exam, you will get your Paramedic License. The hours required for your Internship can vary by state. California requires 160 hours of training.

If you have any of the following, you may be denied entrance into the program:

Felony convictions
Any Drug related offense
Any conviction of abuse, battery, violence, hate crime, theft or dishonesty
Any active warrant
On probation
Failure to pass a drug test

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