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Gravois Fire Protection District
122 Firehouse Road
Laurie, MO 65038



Hiring Information:

Position: Firefighter
Last Filing Date:  February 18, 2018

Special Instructions:  

open until filled


Base starting rate for probationary firefighters goes from $9.00 per hour to $10.80 per hour and starting rate for a firefighter at successful completion of 1 year probation is $11.30 per hour. Approximate annual salary without incentives and overtime or holiday pay is $32163.00-$32594.00 dependent on shift assignment and rotation schedule.

The entire benefit package includes: raises annually at anniversary date after successful completion of probation; training incentives; retirement, district contributes 2% of gross annual wages into 457 plan; Health insurance, 100% of employee by District, dependent coverage at employees expense; Workmens Compensation Insurance by District; Life Insurance of $20,000.00 by district; membership with The Firefighters Association of Missouri with $10,000.00 accidental death insurance by District; Supplemental Accidental Death, Injury, Illness and Impairment Benefit Plan by District; individual Supplemental Benefit Insurance plans available at employees expense through payroll deduction; Sick Leave, Paid Vacations; Holiday pay at 1 1/2 time if scheduled to work on established holidays; Emergency Leave; Funeral Leave; provisions for shift trades; Compensation for working additional shifts, call backs, recalls and required off duty training paid through compensatory time; Uniforms, both work and dress including coats, boots, shoes and belts provided; Protective Clothing for structural firefighting and rescue and wildland firefighting provided; infective disease control materials provided; handheld radio and stored voice pager for each firefighter. Training provided in house under the supervision of certified instructors along with area and regional classes available. Indirect benefits include; in-house laundry facilities for uniforms and protective clothing provided, basic bedding and linen provided, work out area and equipment provided.

Candidate pre-employment testing.

The Gravois Fire Protection District has voluntarily withdrawn from the Tri State Fire Recruitment Alliance and in the future will be conducting pre-employment testing on site.

Hiring prerequisites for the Gravois fire protection district:

Minimum of 18 years of age; Firefighter I and II certified by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety, and if not certified by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety hold certification by an accreditation entity recognized by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety and be able to achieve Missouri certification within three months of hire;

Firefighter Medical First Responder from the Missouri University Fire and Rescue Training or other training entity recognized by the Gravois Fire Protection District or Missouri Licensed EMT or higher;

The District reserves the right to consider otherwise qualified candidates who may not possess all prerequisites and if selected would be hired at a lower rate and time frame given to obtain missing requirement.

Valid Missouri driver`s license.

Clean driving record; no more that 3 minor violations in past 3 years and not more than one in the preceding 12 months. No major violations during past 3 years, with any multiple major violation you must have a clean record for the past 5 years. Minor violations include: speeding less that 15 mph over the posted limit; driving too fast for conditions, unsafe lane change, failure to stop or yield right of way; following too closely; driving too fast for conditions. Major violations include: driving with in-valid license; driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; possess of alcoholic beverages; reckless/careless/negligent driving; suspended or revoked license; leaving the scene of an accident (hit & run, failure to report); speeding conviction of 15 mph or more over the posted limit; gross negligence, manslaughter, homicide or any felony arising out of the operation of a motor vehicle; fleeing a police officer; street racing.

NIMS IS 100 & 700 minimum.

Residency within 30 miles of District Headquarters within 6 months of hire.

For application to be considered it must include a resume, copies of required certification/licensure, CPR card and copy of valid drivers license. Also include any other copies of certificates from fire or rescue related training classes or other relevant certifications.

Starting Salary:  $32163.00-$32594.00
Top Salary:   N/A
Contact:   Gravois Fire Protection District
215 Highway O

Laurie, MO 65037

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: N/A
Population Served: N/A
Number of Firefighters: N/A

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