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Featured Positions
PositionLocationStarting SalaryClosing
Fire ChiefJoplin, MON/ANov 20, 2014
Firefighter- Paramedic (Coming Soon!) Fremont, CA$81,633.00 - $106,473.00 AnnuallyDec 15, 2014
Firefighter Pensacola, FL$12.49 - $14.35 Hourly Nov 18, 2014
Firefighter/ParamedicCharleston, ILN/ANov 20, 2014
Paid On-Call FirefighterFitchburg, WI$8.50 hrNov 16, 2014
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Norfolk fire chief fears major cuts could put firefighter jobs at risk

Norfolk fire chiefs fears major cuts could put firefighter jobs at risk

Hartford Firefighter, Back From Suspension For Alcohol Use, Resigns Over New Incident

228 firefighter jobs under threat

'Fourth emergency service' could see 100 firefighter jobs axed

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A fire engine screams by, you can`t ignore the air horn blaring, the coaster siren wound up and of course, you can't help but notice that the machine is shined to the max.   You glance up over the horizon and see the smoke rising.   You hear several other sirens that seem to be converging on the scene from other areas of the city.   You think to yourself man!, I`d really like to be on that fire engine, "geez, it seems like it would be a great job."

In most cases the fire service is an... [read more]

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Thank you. I recently started looking for a position to further my career and I applied to a job I found on your site. 2 months later I was offered a position. I have 15 yrs experience in fire service and with all my contacts I did not have a fraction of the information provided on your site. I was a captain and now am a Battalion Chief, Once again Thank You.
Kjell Elisson  
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