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Featured Positions
PositionLocationStarting SalaryClosing
Entry Level FirefighterJacksonville, AR$34160/yrApr 17, 2015
Firefighter Ridgeland, MS$18,657.60 - $19,593.60 Annually Apr 5, 2015
Firefighter Recruitment Announcement - Opens June 1Ontario, CA$4,948.81 - $6,015.32 MonthlyMay 23, 2015
Firefighter- Fire & EMSColumbus, GA$30,139.97 - $45,861.54 Annually Jul 8, 2015
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Strategy for Memorization
The S P A C E Technique

S Select key information. You probably do not have enough time to memorize every word or every squiggle on the page. Memorize what seems to be important. Memorization questions will focus on what would be important in a real job situation. For instance, at a fire scene the number of firefighters on the scene, number of firefighter apparatus, number of hoselines going into a building, direction of wind, address and street location of the incident, loc... [read more]

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