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July 1, 2014

Hello I would like to cancel my membership for this. It was helpful in finding a job for me and I thank you.
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Fat firefighters are safety risk for themselves, public

His St. Paul hotel swindle reveals long history of deception

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Hands-on help for STEM education

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Telecommunicator North Chicago, ILOct 31, 2014
Firefighter/ParamedicCleberne, TXOct 17, 2014
Fire ChiefNorthbrook, ILOct 1, 2014
TelecommunicatorWilson, NCSep 30, 2014
Part-Time Firefighter/DispatcherLakeview, OROct 28, 2014

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Firefighter disqualifiers
When working toward a job as a firefighter, keep this list of possible disqualifiers in mind:

Felony, Criminal Activity Disqualifiers:
Including but not limited to the following:
- Any conviction of a felony committed as an adult within the past 10 years. Older felonies are usually reviewed on a case by case basis.
- Any misdemeanor or felony conviction while employed in a public safety and/or criminal justice capacity.
- More than two adult misdemeanors con... [read more]

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