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Featured Positions
PositionLocationStarting SalaryClosing
Emergency Medical Technician TraineeBartow, FL$20,488.00 - $24,918.40 Nov 14, 2014
Senior Public Saftey Dispatcher- Fire DepartmentSan Jose, CA$78561.60Nov 10, 2014
Firefighter- Fire & EMSColumbus, GA$30,139.97 - $45,861.54 Annually Jul 8, 2015
Firefighter Pensacola, FL$12.49 - $14.35 Hourly Nov 18, 2014
Fire CadetMidland, TX$12.00 HourlyNov 11, 2014
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What is Deductive Reasoning?
Deductive reasoning measures your ability to apply general rules or regulations to specific situations. You will be presented with general Fire Department rules and regulations and then asked to apply them to specific situations.

Deductive Reasoning is the opposite of Inductive Reasoning. Deductive reasoning starts with a general statement. In Deductive Reasoning you go from the general statement to a particular fact or conclusion.

The Deductive Reasoning questions on th... [read more]

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