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Doing what they do best
Posted: 2010-11-23
Author: Kelly Salbato

As a person who searches every day for jobs for men and women who want to be firefighters, I often wonder about the kind of person who is willing to put their life on the line for other people.   I live in a community which has experienced devastating losses in two large fires and the appreciation I feel for firefighters cannot be exaggerated.   When I came home from our second evacuation in three years and found my home intact, I was both relieved and in awe of those who worked so hard to control the blaze that took so many homes.   Many of these men and women went for days without sleep and just continued to work hard to save the community that they lived in.

My work lets me see just how much a job as a firefighter is coveted.   Some people think it's all about money, but it is so much more than that.   These men and women want to help others.   Sometimes they will spend years applying for jobs at many different departments to finally get their "dream job".

I have noticed many changes in the job market over the past 18 months.   Many cities have cut their pay.   Many have instituted hiring freezes and don't replace firefighters as they quit or retire.   Many departments are using more volunteer firefighters to fill their needs.   The competition for jobs is more fierce than it has ever been.   I continue to search for jobs daily and there are fewer jobs available now.

I hope that things in our economy turn around so there are more jobs available.   That being said, I want to encourage those who are working toward being firefighters.   The rewards are immense and there is not a firefighter I know who does not love his or her job.   Keep applying, keep testing and don't give up striving to do what you do best... protecting us.
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